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Hello, goodbye. Hello again.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The shamanic idea of death is central to all liberation and growth. Think of the seasons: nature shows us this wisdom over and over. It's right under our noses. Winter brings death, which flows into re-birth. Re-birth ALWAYS follows death. Death is simply a gateway to the new form, the new body, the new incarnation. A new cycle of the crocuses, daffodils, new leaves on the trees. In our lives we experience mini-deaths all the time. The end of a phase of life. The end of a relationship or an identity about ourselves. Often, we are very afraid to let the thing die because we have become so attached, and we don't feel comfortable to face the unknown beyond that horizon. That change is a death, in the shamanic framework. It is a profound gateway to personal transformation. Death (in all its forms) is integral to life, to truly being fully alive. Without death, we stagnate. Our energies wither. That is not life. Shamanically and energetically, allowing the death of what has stagnated is a gateway to a new, fresh form of ourselves. It is leveling up, starting fresh, shedding and pruning what no longer serves us. I love to honor the thing or phase of life that is dying, to acknowledge it with respect and gratitude. It serves the same purpose as a funeral: To honor that passage and particular experience of existence and all of the unique gifts that it brought. To allow the love from the old form to be transferred to the new form that is being born. Energy never dies; it only changes form. But that changing of form is a personal death that leads to the next level, the next horizon, a ripe new opportunity being born, bursting with hope and promise. Just like each new season of the crocuses and daffodils.

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