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Called and initiated into the shamanic lineage of the Andes, Janet's energy medicine facilitates deep healing at the quantum level, clearing out karmic debris accumulated over lifetimes in a person’s energy body. Janet guides each client in deep clearing of old wounds held as energetic sludge in the energy body, then helps the client integrate those shifts; journeys on the client's behalf to heal and retrieve fragmented aspects of the energy body that splintered off during times of trauma or fear; dissolves crystallized energies (heavy wound energy that materializes in the body over time); and uses medicine stones (remotely) as needed, to assist in difficult energy clearing. Janet helps the person heal ancestral lineage wounds (passed down energetically from one generation to the next) and assists them in shifting and rewriting old soul agreements that no longer serve them.

A session is typically 2 to 3 hours long, depending on the client's needs. The client establishes an intent for the session, and the work is guided by whatever they most need for their current healing and growth. Sessions are always conducted in sacred space (a highly protected, morphic space) as a container of unconditional love and non-judgment, creating a safe, impeccable space for the deep work. Because the work is at an energetic level, it can feel deceptively subtle, but it is a powerful and holistically transformative process, and frequently results in physical manifestations (in life circumstance or the physical body) as the energy healing integrates. For deeper, more complex issues, a client might benefit from several sessions over a period of weeks or months, because healing often occurs in layers, like peeling layers of an onion. This enables the client time to integrate each healing in between sessions for deeper integration. But even one session can powerfully assist a client on their journey to greater wellness and peace.

Donation for a session is $190

A session is typically 2 to 3 hours long


The session is done remotely, by phone or video call 

The level of the energy body being healed is non-local and non-temporal. Therefore distance sessions are just as powerful as in person, and often more so, due to the absence of physical distraction and limitation. When physical proximity permits us, Janet offers sessions in person; however, remote work is still recommended.

Includes an in-depth write-up of your session, which will be sent to you within a few days after your session

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Shamanic Session $190 donation


In-Depth Write-Up of Session Notes

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You will receive full, in-depth notes from your session, within a couple days after your session. Janet takes time and great care to capture the fullest essence of your session in the write-up. She goes into great detail, providing a rich, nuanced, comprehensive review of the work you did together. This write-up serves as a powerful, lasting integration tool and document. Clients find it to be incredibly helpful, an indispensable component to the integration process; they find that they often re-read their session write-ups for months and years to come, to help keep them in their highest alignment.

This service is included with session.

To read examples of past write-ups, click here:


Shamanic Reiki Session $100/hr donation

Janet combines her skills as a Reiki master with her shamanic gifts, resulting in a dynamic healing modality that is both powerful and very soothing. Janet uses Miqui, her shamanic gift of quantum-clearing of karmic debris from the energy body, while incorporating the very calming Reiki energy. This combination is especially effective and helpful for people who are suffering from a lot of distress, trauma, or fear. The Reiki is particularly soothing and gentle, which can greatly bring a feeling of soft comfort and calm while the powerful shamanic Miqui work is being done. This service can be requested for an hour-length session, or a full-length session (on average 2 hours).

Donation for a session is $100 for an hour, or $190 for two hours

The session is done remotely by phone or video call

(Reiki and shamanic healing are non-local and non-temporal. Therefore distance sessions are just as powerful as in person, and often more so, due to the absence of physical distraction and limitation.)

Includes an in-depth write-up of your session, which will be sent to you within a few days after your session


Shamanic Coaching/Counseling $50/half hour donation

Janet offers shamanic coaching/counseling for post-session and in-between-session support to aid with the integration process. Sessions create energetic shifts that come with new ways of seeing life, strong emotional release of the old patterns, expanding personal power, shedding old grief, and establishing a new paradigm. People often benefit from additional support and insight as they integrate the deep work of a session, and move into new ways of being.


Shamanic coaching/counseling may also be used without a prior session, and simply on its own. (However, please note that shamanic coaching/counseling does not include energy healing work; it is intuitive conversational & emotional support.)

Shamanic coaching/counseling donation is $50 per half-hour


The coaching is done by phone or video call. Contact Janet for a written consult or to make an appointment.

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In shamanic medicine, situations and wounds can be energetically shifted through the creation of a medicine painting. Medicine paintings are akin to shamanic sand paintings and Eastern mandalas. It is a powerful way to shift an old unhealthy pattern by rearranging it energetically, thereby setting into motion the transformation of the old wound into a new, healed state. It can also be used simply to aid the person in gaining greater peace, balance, and wellness.


Janet utilizes paint to create shamanic medicine paintings as a long-term healing tool. Within the context of a shamanic journey, Janet accesses what you wish to heal, then she is guided in painting what your healing looks like energetically, thereby catalyzing a profound shift of the energy that reflects your healing in your outer life. By shifting the energy at the microcosmic level, the macrocosm is shifted as well.


Janet will shamanically journey to create the painting. The medicine painting can be made for an individual, a pet, a relationship, a living space, relationship, or situation. The resultant painting is potent energy medicine and should be placed in an accessible, relevant space (such as the home, office, or public space, or your private space or altar) for long term, to shift the energy into a healed, more harmonious state and to establish and promote that healed state over time.

Inquire for prices and more information. Prices will vary according to the dimensions and materials (canvas vs paper) chosen by you.

View Janet's artwork

Click on the link below to visit Janet's art website, to see some of her paintings.

Please note that the paintings displayed on differ from her medicine art, in that the medicine paintings are created for the sole purpose of shifting energy, not for their aesthetic outcome. However, oftentimes the alchemical medicine does work its way in to many of the "non-medicine" paintings.

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