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Hi! I'm Janet. I'm a practitioner of shamanic medicine, initiated in the Q’ero lineage of the Andes. Although I've had my shamanic gifts all my life, I began training in 1999 and have been practicing professionally since 2006. Training was mainly a matter of finally learning the names for the abilities I'd had since I was very small but had had no framework or role model for, and learning how to use these abilities most effectively and safely. I'm also a Usui Reiki master, and a formally trained fine-art painter. I'm from Los Angeles and the Midwest, but have lived in Peru for many years.

Jan with her shamanic mesa copy.jpg



​The name Jante originated when I was first learning to write my name as a preschooler. I insisted on writing Jante, rather than Janet, for a few years.

My shamanic abilities were part of me since my earliest memories, so it feels fitting to name my medicine practice Jante Medicine.

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