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Testimonials from clients

A.H., Woodland Hills, CA:

"As a writer and student of mythology, I was intrigued by the archetype of the shaman who crosses over to the depths of the underworld to bring back vital information for the tribe and members who need healing. So when Jan Zoya was recommended to me by a colleague, I came to the session with an intellectual understanding of shamanism. What I found was an experience that transcends words. The ritual was simple and subtle but the effects were dramatic. I experienced a profound shift in my life, a powerful sense of peace and a release of mental anguish. I walked away with the certain knowledge that some wounds can only be healed by moving deeper, beyond words, time, or space, into the quantum field of all existence— what shamans call the underworld. Jan Zoya is a compassionate and powerful guide on your journey."


A.G., Asheville, NC:

"I would recommend Jan Zoya's work to anyone, as she is the most grounded light I know. Every time I speak of Jan, it's as if I'm writing a testimonial to her work. She holds a sacred space for truth, and shares what comes through with such wise kindness. I am in total awe of what Jan is able to see and feel as she journeys on my behalf and am eternally grateful for the work that she so beautifully facilitates. Towards the end of various sessions I am left beaming and all I want to say is 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'"


J.B., Hagerstown, IN:

"Spiritual energy work with Jan is truly healing and transformative for me. It has allowed me to reconnect with parts of myself I thought were lost due to trauma and chronic illness. Through the work I've seen that no part of myself is truly lost. Working with Jan has helped me reclaim my life and develop a deeper connection with the world around me. I always feel supported and protected during our work, even when the work brings up intense sensations and emotions. It feels as if we are undertaking a journey to find threads of myself that have unraveled and gently weave them back into my life, making me more whole with each strand. Sharing our experiences after the sessions helps me to integrate the journey into my everyday life and continue the healing between sessions. Jan approaches this powerful, healing work with tremendous patience, compassion, and insight. I am filled with gratitude for Jan and the work she does!"

K.H., Reiki master and yoga instructor, Richmond, IN:

"For people who have never experienced a session with Jan, let me say what an amazing an experience it is - life-changing, frankly. For those of you on a spiritual journey, something has led you to her. Jan is so gifted and intuitive. I came to Jan in search of healing my heart from past traumas - there is only so much you can do by yourself in reference to healing: eating right, therapy, exercise, etc. I had tried therapy, talking about my traumas with friends, yoga, meditation, and nothing helped. Jan can identify what parts of your being need to heal and what you need to let go of, and she can facilitate that taking place in a tranquil, safe way. It's hard to describe; you just let go and let her do her work. She takes her time, never rushing, and you are right there participating in the cleansing of negative energies and replacing them with warm light and postive energy. The feeling afterwards and in the weeks to come is majestic, serene, and you're filled with a sense of calm and wisdom, you're stronger and more powerful. When Jan and I work together she can actually feel what I feel. It's incredible. You also get great information on your spirit guides or angels around you, what you have done, where you have been. Jan is a respectful, peaceful, highly intelligent woman I feel lucky to work with. I'm very humbled working with her."

E.J., owner/director ElementsLife Yoga Studio, Greenville, OH:

"Jan has an incredible way of helping people find their way. Before meeting and working with her, so many things in my life just didn't makes sense. Knowing my fair share about energy, and having done some introspection, I thought that I could reach that understanding about myself that was necessary in order for me to move forward from my past. After working with Jan, I realized just how wrong I was. I needed her help. I needed her gifted eyes to see through all of the murkiness and darkness that surrounded me. Working with Jan was an incredibly spiritual experience, yet free of any certain religion or dogma. I felt safe with her as she handled me professionally, and with a great deal of consideration. No one should let fear or doubt keep them from knowing the self. Jan will simply reintroduce you to the self, and she will give you the tools necessary to remain connected in the years to come."

E.K., M.Div., Spiritual Director, LaVerne, CA:

"I’ve experienced many healers, and what continually draws me to Jan is her pure compassion and keen intuition. I trust her to read my energy, face to face or over the phone. I trust her to clear my energy, readying it to receive Love. I trust her to travel to my inner sanctum, to convey the wisdom already held within me. Her holy ability to see in images and color and story complements my own spiritual understanding and development. I’ve always felt a shift in my well-being after our sessions, and I’m always more aware of my own wounds-turned-gifts to offer the world. I’m deeply thankful for the ways we work in tandem, together creating something transcendent."


S.V., Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Los Angeles, CA:

"Jan Zoya is a true alchemist! She is able to transform energy at the deepest level in an effective, yet effortless manner. One comes away from a session with Jan feeling lighter, as though a huge burden has been lifted off one's shoulders. I had never before experienced Shamanism, yet I felt comfortable and safe working with Jan. Living in Los Angeles, one is surrounded by a plethora of healers and healing arts; however, if you are truly serious about your well-being, then Jan is the person to visit on your healing path!"

M.C., Los Angeles, CA


"Jan is a superior shaman, whose wisdom, grace, intelligence, ancient knowledge, healing gifts and medicine, compassion, and love is a true source of healing and advancement in spiritual growth. When I first began working with Jan years ago, I was going through a very difficult circumstance that was heartbreaking and traumatic. Not only did Jan's wisdom, perspective, and healing help me through it, but it also helped me to feel safe, secure, and entrusting in spirit. Jan's support and love helped me to break through the difficult times and to feel loved. Her energetic work helped me to heal old blocks and traumas, which, once healed, integrated and helped me to move forward and release old patterns. As I worked with Jan through the years, she helped me to discover my own peace, health, truth, and self. I felt healthier, stronger, more in alignment with who I am. Her open heart helped me to succeed and learn how to love myself and others unconditionally. Jan's unconditional love and coaching helped me to stay in alignment with my truth and who I am as I went through many changes. With Jan's help and healing, I now feel better and stronger emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I feel blessed to have Jan and her strength, wisdom, and shaman medicine available and here on Earth with us."

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