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Session Write-up Examples

Session Write-up 

As soon as we started the Miqui (the mulching), there was a lot of heart pain, and pain in the 2nd chakra. It began moving thickly out the root chakra and feet. It was also releasing out the back of the neck, where the soul enters and exits the body. The block was around romantic love, and also about allowing success in other areas of life. As you talked, I was shown a type of cellar door made of cement or stone. I was shown that you were betrayed by your mate in a past life. This betrayal was massive, as if he sold you out, and caused your death. You had truly trusted him. The betrayal of the trust was incredibly deep. I was not shown the circumstances. Your spirit had decided never to trust again, never to allow that kind of love again. In addition to it affecting your willingness to trust a lover again, it also affected your manifesting. You are a very powerful being, and you have great manifesting power. However, manifestation of more complex dreams requires a merging with other people at the molecular level. The betrayal made you unwilling and distrustful to merge with people at the molecular, energetic level. This has blocked your manifesting of more complex things. It boils down to trust, and healing that experience. You are ready to accept what happened, and to begin trusting at the molecular level again. As this shifts, your ability to manifest success will come about organically and naturally, at the unconscious level.


The energy body was very brave and willing. It was letting us clear the material. I also felt the area at the 3rd chakra, where the healthy ego interfaces with the world. This was the part of you that made the decision to stop trusting. This part was now coming forward and allowing me to fully work on it. It felt "sour." This part of your energy body was not happy about this healing work, yet it also understood that it’s time to do this. It was willing.


Then I felt a ‘hot poker’ in the heart, and all along the vertical mid-line of the body, just to the right of the center. It was incredibly acidic and felt burning hot. It was very specific and isolated. I did a lot of energy extraction on this. Then there was a specific physical area on the right side of the neck also holding crystallized energy. I did an extraction on this, too. I also felt material stored in the kidneys from the shock of this event. We cleared quite a bit from the kidneys, but they will continue to detox from it for a while, so it is important to drink extra water, and add lemon (or something acidic such as vinegar) to the water to flush the kidneys.


The energy body then revealed the old cords still in the energy body from your mate who did the betrayal. I removed these cords and the energetic hooks from the whole body.


Finally, I was shown your energy body as a column of light, and about 2/3 of the way down the column was a large abscess where the wound had been terribly infected and had been festering. It showed me that I had successfully cleaned out all of the infection. Now there was simply the clean abscess remaining, and it was ready to heal up now.

 Journey in your Lower World


I asked your spirit to lead me into your Lower World. You presented as a young girl. We sat on the brim of what reminded me of a volcano. I asked what the volcano led to, and the answer was “the unknown.” You were building up your courage to have us go in. Beside you sat a white peacock, who had shown up to help you through this healing and offer you its animal medicine.


Huascar, the guardian of your lower world, also showed up to accompany us. Then we all held hands, and jumped in the mouth of the ‘volcano’ type entrance to your lower world. We floated down very gently, and landed. Right away you turned into a tiny infant. The spirit beings took you and bathed you like an infant. Then they laid you on a soft nest and began doing a deep healing on you that seemed more like a rewiring. I was told that this healing/rewiring would go on for a while, and I didn’t need to be present for it, and I could let them keep doing this work, while I went to do your soul retrieval.


Huascar took me to the Chamber of Wounds. Here I began to see snapshot images of another life, where the original wound took place, which has blocked your heart from falling in love, (and also blocking you from manifesting the level of success you want in work situations). First I saw a handsome man on a horse. I knew this was your husband, the man who betrayed you. Then I saw you, wearing very nice dresses of a very specific era. (It seemed like the early 1800s or late 1700s). You were pretty with dark hair. You were upper class, from a wealthy family. You came into the marriage with much more money than he had. He was a gentleman (though he was not wealthy), and your land was farmed for crops. I saw a vivid image of all the crops failing one year. It was due to bad weather or some misfortune beyond anyone’s control. It meant that the debts could not be paid off that year from the crop income. I then saw a vivid image of your husband in town, gambling. He had a gambling problem. But this time, I saw him gambling your jewels and your assets (your valuables) without your knowledge. Then he even gambled the deed to the property. He lost everything, and somehow he arranged it for you to take the fall. You had not done anything wrong, nor even knew about his gambling your assets. Somehow he was very charming and persuasive and was able to have you take the fall for everything. It was very devastating.


Then Huascar took me to the Chamber of Contracts. There I saw you sitting in a cell. There was a high window where sun came in, but you were jailed. I felt such a terrible constriction around your throat. This was because you did not use your voice to defend yourself, shout, scream, or make a fuss when your husband did this. You had been bred to maintain a certain decorum, especially as an upper-class woman. So you didn’t complain. You thought that shouting and defending yourself would only add to the embarrassment. Because you held this in, later on (possibly a later life) you even developed throat cancer as a result.


I asked spirit to help us rewrite the soul contract, and to see how you could correct this to be healed. All at once, many animals appeared, such as an elephant and large cats, and other animals. They began trumpeting loudly. They showed us how when they are in distress or something isn’t right, they don’t hesitate to fully shout and use their voices to express this and to call out. They don’t worry about how it “might look” or “what others will think.” They just simply trumpet and let their voice ring out. They asked you to trumpet, to shout about what had happened. You did. You began shouting, trumpeting your voice. As you did this, the cell and the wound and the pain in your throat all melted away. In its place was a beautiful rose-colored light streaming through you, inside you and all around you.


I was then taken to your Chamber of Grace, to see your healed expression as a result of changing the soul contract around this wound. I saw you looking up toward a magnificent light (like the sun), with your face turned upward toward it. You were allowing all this incredible light to pour into you and through you. Your body was like a prism. The light came through you, and then the prism of your energy and your will turned this light into your own magnificent expression and manifestation. There was no hesitation, resistance, or second-guessing. This had to do with using your voice as freely and truly as the animals use theirs. Your voice is your expression and the center of your will. It manifests your will.


I was shown how the past does not exist any longer in the way that we remember it. As you heal your past, it morphs and transmutes into something new. So the past that you remember, doesn’t even exist anymore except in your own mind. There is only the present. Everything flows out from this center moment like a flower.


When we were finished with the soul retrieval, I was taken back to where you as the infant were being worked on and rewired. I saw that the baby had been totally purified in Sacred Fire. It was now pure charcoal. It was merging back into the earth. Absolutely all of the past and its wounds had been transmuted and transformed and released.


I came back up from the Lower World, and blew your healed part into your heart. Then I was shown an image of an unworthy man hanging around your root chakra. His energy wasn’t appealing, and he wanted to stay there and try to dominate you or get something from you. Without any judgment, we sent him completely away. We banished him from your field, so that he could not return. We saw that he wasn’t a bad man, per se. He just wasn’t worthy of you. Then we saw a variety of thoughts, belief patterns hanging around you, some that were your own patterns and some that belonged to others, all of which were trying to make you less than you are. All of these we sent away, banished them (so that they recycle back into pure light). I was shown that it is now your responsibility to weed these out, anytime you find them. When another person’s energy is hanging around, invading your space, and they don’t feel right to you, you must send them away and not put up with it (as you did in that other life). Also, when you find your own thought patterns putting you down and not being worthy of you, you are to send those away too. You are to stand up for your own worth now. Be like the animals. Anytime you feel doubt about how to do this, just think of what the animals would do. Trust your instincts.


Session Write-up 

I was shown a paradigm shift occurring in you. You have had many lifetimes dealing with lack and poverty, as well as experiencing wealth. These  lifetimes were connected to one another, presented symbolically like a closed string of pearls, where each lifetime is a pearl. The words I was told were “ring of fire.” Spirit wasn’t merely wanting the wounds from your old "lack" lifetimes to be healed; spirit wanted you to transcend the entire ring, both the wealth and the poverty experiences. It is a multi-life lesson containing a polarity, in which a soul learns about all sides of an issue by incarnating into all parts of that circle, and experiencing all perspectives of that issue. The ring of fire has a ‘winning’ end and a ‘losing’ end, and the balance points in between. The circle is always turning. (It can be compared with the year cycle—winter and summer solstices are the extremes, and the equinoxes are the balance points. The seasons never stop flowing from one into the next.) I was shown that you are now meant to jump through the ring of fire and transcend this cycle, to integrate all of it as a whole, unified understanding.

The paradigm shift means that you are free and innately connected to the universe’s abundant nature and its creative force.

The miqui clearing was very dense and strong. I went very quickly to your lower world. For a long time, the clearing process was very deep, and there were no visions, only visceral clearing throughout the body, chakras, and energy field.

After about an hour, we reached a point in the clearing that I was shown a vision from the 'poverty' end of the cycle. I saw you in a past life composite, from a mix of lives in which each of them you were poor, but a deeply devout Christian. The composite image I was shown was that you were a nun, who had taken the vow of poverty to live a life of pure devotion and sacrifice. You held an open bible to your chest. You were standing in the sanctuary of a very golden, fancy cathedral. The vision was strongly pulling my attention to the extreme wealth of the church, contrasted against your poverty. The message said that the wealth and the poverty are in a symbiotic relationship—they are both integral to the design of the system. They are not separate. The poor pay for the wealthy to be wealthy. The wealthy cannot be wealthy without the poor. They do not exist independent of each other. It appears to be a polarity of opposites but the two ‘opposites’ are one and the same entity, like a yin-yang symbol. This was the message to be understood.

I was then shown a mobius strip, which is what this cycle is (and all earthly cycles and polarities are). Here is an image and an explanation:


A Möbius strip can be made with a piece of paper and tape. If an ant were to crawl along the length of this strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip on both sides of the original paper, without ever crossing an edge. This describes the singularity of the system of rich/poor (or any polarity) more perfectly than ‘two sides of a coin,’ or two poles. It is literally that one experience becomes the other, infinitely, until the whole mobius strip journey is complete.


The debris coming up in the miqui was a lot of confusing, denser feelings, such as anger, disgust, indignation. There was a general forgetfulness of the other ‘side’ of the experience. At one point, one of the snapshots that came forward was a white balding man (aspect of your past) who had led a very wealthy life. He was somehow at the end of his life or preparing to incarnate into the next, and he was angry, saying “You mean to tell me that I have to go back to being poor again?!” He didn’t understand that it wasn’t a summit to reach. It was actually a circle, a mobius strip, always retracing the same cycle of steps, like the seasons, until the entire pattern is understood from both sides.


Finally, there was a big, critical piece in the back of the heart that cleared at last. It was a major breakthrough. The miqui continued, but had reached a new level of very subtle, finer clearing and integration.


At the end, the root chakra was still holding on to some dense heaviness and remaining blockage. The remaining heaviness in the root is due a kind of identity with the old pieces of experience. It simply needs time to process the change in identity. It showed me that we just need to be patient with the root’s clearing. It was like awaiting the water in a bathtub to drain out; It can’t be rushed. I was also shown that the most powerful way to assist it was to envision your energy body (chakra system) as a tree. Envision the root chakra to the earth as a tree trunk, with tree roots then extending into the earth. Then, envision branches out of your crown and upper body reaching up and connecting with the stars. Each twig connects to a star and receives the light and support from that star. That support flows down through your tree, into your root, and assists your root in letting go of the remaining blockage/density. As soon as I visualized this and connected you to the star support (and releasing the material into the earth), the process was increased by a quantum leap.  The difference was remarkable. It is the most potent tool you have for helping the remaining material to clear from the root, and for releasing this “layer of the onion” in this paradigm shift you are going through.


I was told to keep sacred space open on your session for one week, while your root is clearing.

hummingbird and snake.jpg

Session Write-up 

During this session, the layer of debris to be cleared had a very acidic quality, and was from both sides of your family, both your father and mother. As we were doing the Miqui and then during your journey, I was shown that the majority of the clearing was from your mother’s maternal line of women ancestors. I was shown a metaphor of a long line of the women in your family each huddled alone in a small attic, praying for mercy and help. They all died never learning how to receive this help or mercy. Even though you do not embody this victim wound in your life, you have carried their energy in your field. This energy was very dense and acidic in quality, in your heart and 3rd chakra. In your lower world I used medicine stones, and was doing deep extraction work on you.


I pulled out many old cords and deep tubes of dense energy containing the wound of your ancestors. They also need you help to completely let go now. I was guided to have you make a small altar for them, or on the altar you already have, find an object (memorabilia or a stone or feather, anything that represents your maternal line for you) and place it on your altar.  Say to your female ancestors, “You are released and you are free. All is well.” They need your help to fully let go now. They just need this permission and simple assistance from you, because their souls have forgotten how. You can do this final releasing for them, just with this simple mantra spoken to them at your altar.


As we were clearing this dense energy, I saw several visions of information for you. Because you are releasing this wound, you will begin to have increased vision-sight in multidimensional ways. I was shown a cat looking into a mirror at you, and there were mirrors upon mirrors in which this cat’s vision was connecting to you. The message was that this is to become your vision. You will be able to see into the darkness and confusion with clarity, like a cat. The cat will also be a totem for you, to guide you in this increased vision and how to navigate the dimensions with impeccability.


I also saw that you are entering a time of rich, strong manifesting ability, also due to the clearing of this ancestral wound. This heightened manifesting ability is something to notice and to keep in your conscious awareness so that you can help guide the manifesting of what you want at this time.


I was given instruction for you to do a liver cleanse now too. This homework is quite important, because the feminine ancestral wound was very deeply embedded in your liver, and your liver needs some assistance to clear it all now. This cleanse can be quite simple, just through some dietary additions. I saw that you should take some olive oil (tablespoon) and fresh lemon squeezed into water each morning. You can take it with fruits in a smoothie if you wish. (Just don’t add any milk products to it such as yogurt, as this will block the benefits.) You might also get some supplements to take: dandelion root and milk thistle are good. If you feel guided to any other liver-cleansing herbs, feel free to take them, too (or instead).


It would really help you to also incorporate a cleansing bath every couple days, with sea salt and some baking soda. (You can buy the sea salt at Trader Joes for cheap.) This will not only help with this transformation, but also just help maintain your clean energy as you interact with other people. As you know, because you are an empath, other’s energies will stick to you more than the average person. The sea salt bath will cleanse you of others’ energies very easily, and the baking soda will alkalize you, which is essential to maintaining a good healing pH balance in your body. This is part of your essential maintenance of self-care as a Sensitive person.


Practice actively listening to your heart. Whenever you have a question or feel confused in your mind about what direction to take, place your hand on your heart and ask your heart the question. The answer will be there, quiet and steady. It will be a quieter, softer voice than your mind’s voice. The heart always knows. Practice asking your heart questions often. You can practice even with mundane, small questions that might seem silly, such as which item to order off the menu, or which street or freeway route to take on your drive home. But it will help you cultivate actively consulting your heart, rather than your mind, which tends to be noisy and doesn’t actually know the deeper or better answers.

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