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Called and initiated into the Q'echua and Pre-Incan shamanic lineage of the Andes, Janet's energy medicine facilitates deep healing at the quantum level, clearing out karmic debris accumulated over lifetimes in a person’s energy body. Janet guides each client in deep clearing of old wounds held as energetic sludge in the energy body, then helps the client integrate those shifts; journeys on the client's behalf for soul retrieval (to heal and retrieve fragmented aspects of the energy body); dissolves crystallized energies (heavy wound energy that materializes in the body over time); and uses medicine stones as needed, to assist in difficult energy clearing. Janet helps the person heal ancestral lineage wounds (passed down energetically from one generation to the next) and assists them in shifting and rewriting old soul agreements that no longer serve them. The energy medicine works in tandem with the person's own willingness and intention.


Shamanic Healing Session

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