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Janet Zoya is a compassionate shamanic practitioner who can listen deeply to your areas of struggle, and go directly to the energetic source of those wounds to help you transmute and clear them, integrate, and expand.


Janet was born into the west with highly developed shamanic gifts and skills, then further refined those skills by studying with medicine men and women of various indigenous tribes who have devoted themselves to sacred healing knowledge for millennia.


Janet works with you at your deepest energetic level, underneath the level of the mind, to facilitate profound, quantum clearing and reorganizing of your energy body.


She is highly skilled at transmuting stuck, buried energy debris and helping you to liberate yourself from old, harmful patterns that no longer serve you.  

She also offers post-session coaching appointments to aid you in the integration process of the deep work, and support you through it.


Contact Janet to consult or to make an appointment, today.

A shamanic session can help you move forward in life, experience greater joy and well-being, and deal more effectively with pain, difficulties, and trauma.

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What is shamanism?

Shamanism has been the bedrock of medicine and spiritual healing for as long as tribes of people have existed. The essential nature of the shamanic practice is unchanging.

Shamanism is not a religion - It is a direct experience of spiritual and energetic knowledge. Every culture and generation has their shamans who serve as intermediaries between the dimensions, and who can hold a vision of a higher destiny that might be seeded into the present and cultivated to fruition. Every earth-based tribe had their shamans, including the pre-Roman European tribes. Natural shamans are born into every corner of the world, and those who are able to hear the call find their way to the teachers who can help guide them cultivate their inborn ability.

The medicine men and women who have been initiated into the Lineage of Mesa Carriers work directly with universal archetypal healing forces, and connect to the spiritual aspect of people, the world, and the cosmos. The shamanic worldview is one that sees beyond the apparent separations of the world and understands the sacredness and value in all life; everything is energy, and there is connection between all things. Shamanism engages in a profound, impeccable relationship with nature.

A shaman is someone who has been called by spirit to the shamanic path, having been born with its gifts, then honing them into powerful skills through arduous training and initiations by the shamanic Lineage and ongoing tests of integrity and readiness. These initiations and tests open doorways to spiritual awareness, and bring gifts and a direct connection with spiritual realms that enable the shaman to access information and energy for healing and harmony. Shamanism is the practice of this core connection, both for healing and to gain and share spiritual knowledge.

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